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Diphtheria,Tetanus and Acellular Pertussis Combined Vaccine,Adsorbed

Diphtheria,Tetanus and Acellular Pertussis Combined Vaccine,Adsorbed

    Adsorbed diphtheria, tetanus and Acellular pertussis combined vaccine is a preparation of bulks of Acellular pertussis vaccine, tetanus toxoid adsorbed onto aluminum hydroxide. It is used to prevent diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.

1. Drug name
    Adopted name: Diphtheria, Tetanus and Acellular Pertussis Combined Vaccine, Adsorbed.
2. Eligible
    Children aged 3 months to 6 years.
3. Function and use
    The product can induce immune response in recipients following immunization. It is used to prevent diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.
4. Specifications
    There is 0.5 ml, 1.0 ml, 2.0 ml or 5.0 ml per container. Each single human dose is 0.5 ml containing not less than 4.0 IU of pertussis vaccine, not less than 30 IU of diphtheria toxoid and not less than 40 IU of tetanus toxoid.
5. Administration and dosage
    (1)  Inject i. m. the vaccine at the buttock or in the deltoid muscle of the lateral upper arm.
    (2)  Primary immunization consisting of three injections shall begin at the age of 3 months and complete at the age of 12 months; 0.5 ml per injection at intervals of 4-6 weeks. A booster of 0.5 ml shall be given at the age of 18-24 months.
6. Adverse reactions
    Generally, there is no adverse reaction. Occasionally, slight redness or itch at the injection site or low fever may occur, which can be relieved spontaneously. Symptomatic treatment might be given in time to the subjects with severe reactions.


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