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WIBP Outstanding Individuals and Representatives of the Advanced Groups went to South Korea to Recuperate

      WIBP outstanding individuals and representatives of the advanced groups, a total of 40 people, went to South Korea to recuperate from August 15 to August 20, 2009. This is in recognition of the advanced groups and individuals who made significant contributions in the past year for the development of our institute and the construction of The Two Civilizations. During the five-day visit, led by vice president Xiaobing Yang, the delegation appreciated the exotic atmosphere, learned about Korean history and culture and experienced the modern city and its order. In particular, Koreans’ professional ethics and frugality have left a deep impression on everyone.
      The happy journey ended on August 20th. Since, for many people in the group, this is their first time going abroad, everyone was happy and proud of their efforts and achievements. In the mean time, they also appreciated the opportunity WIBP provided for outstanding individuals and group. They all agreed that in the future they would be working harder and strive to become more advanced to make a greater contribution to the development of WIBP.
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